Data extraction Perl style

October 21, 2010 under Main

We use a great email filtering solution from SpamTitan. It’s a commercial product which we license for a certain number of users. The only problem we’ve had with it, is that it doesn’t provide a mechanism to determine the user count for a set of domains. This makes it difficult to offer as a service to our customers who prefer to run their own email servers.

It does however offer a feature whereby you can export its maillogs. So today I whipped up a 63-line Perl script which can parse a its log files and count the unique users for a given account and all domains under it. In my test run, it parsed 7,062,499 lines (last week’s logs) in 42 seconds.

Maybe not a perfect solution to the problem, but definitely a workable one. If anyone is interested in a copy of the script just let me know.

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Lasso 9 code in a WordPress blog

October 17, 2010 under Main

So you need to embed a custom function/feature in a WordPress site, but you don’t fancy learning PHP? You’d rather use Lasso?

Check out the L9 Integration Test in the right hand menu. That’s Lasso code in a WP blog. Watch my presentation on Multilingual Programming at Euro Lasso Berlin to see how I did it, and to find out more on the topic.

Hope to see you there!

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FastCGI rocks

October 14, 2010 under Main

Decided today to do a short presentation on FastCGI at Eurolasso. I’ve whipped up a very cool demo that I think people are going to like!

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Euro Lasso Berlin 2010

October 13, 2010 under Main

Earlier this summer while enjoying dinner with my client Fabrizio Carioni we got to discussing the last Lasso conference in Amsterdam and how he couldn’t make it.

Seeing as there were no plans for an official conference this year, I took it on myself to plan an unofficial event. The result is Euro Lasso Berlin 2010 and it’s happening on October 30-31.

It’s taken some work to put together but I feel it has been effort well spent. I hope to see you there!

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