New Anu site is live

December 8, 2010 under Main

A few days ago we decided the time had finally come to make the new site live. It’s something we’ve been working on for months, and something that will probably never be completely finished. A perpetual work in progress that will be revised, updated, changed and improved for years to come.

The new site offers a clean layout which we hope better showcases who we are and the products we offer. The display code is completely XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant and highly optimized, so pages render near instantly. The backend is Lasso Server 9, which is mostly irrelevant for the front-end, but used intensively in the Account access section.

This section provides our customers with one portal through which they can manage:
* contact data
* file a support ticket
* manage DNS
* manage email accounts (including a new feature to add customized spam filtering rules on a per-user basis)
* manage servers, including usage graphs, remote console and hard reset functions
* manage load balanced IPs, including suspending/resuming real servers, managing weight distribution, health checks, etc
* manage VPN accounts
* manage shared storage volumes

The philosophy here is not to provide some kind of cPanel replacement where the end user needs to spend hours learning how to use it. The idea is to aggregate previously standalone systems (DNS, email, spam filter, etc), and additionally to provide access to the most common settings and functions that users previously had to contact me for assistance with. For example, users can now perform a hard reset on their servers themselves, and check the remote console to make sure everything comes back up OK.

I feel it’s a unique position in the varied hosting market: we provide a full managed solution, while allowing direct end-user access in a simple format to important functions.

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